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What is a NVQ?
National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) are vocational awards that are achieved through assessment and training. They are practical qualifications based on being able to do a job.

What is a Learner portfolio?
A learner portfolio is a collection of documents and records that you have to collect as a student progresses through the SPSP Program. It would include the student’s details, the standards of the qualification, assessment criteria, agreed assessment plans and methods, assessment reports, the student’s actual evidence to meet the criteria, and the assessors feed back to the student. The portfolio is the student’s own responsibility. He will need to compile all the evidence within it to meet the standards.

How do I become sponsored?
SPSP will arrange for you to be sponsored by a company.

Is there student accommodation available?
SPSP does provide limited numbers of student accommodation based on set criteria.

What certificates will I receive on completion?
Students who successfully complete the 2 year training program will receive the following certificates;

  1. NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations (QCF).
  2. IVQ Level 3 Diploma 
  3. SPSP Diploma

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