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Safety at SPSP

Health and Safety is a core value at SPSP. Developing and maintaining a culture of safety is at the heart of all SPSP training programs. SPSP believes that its trainees and staff are its most valuable assets, and training them to be safe at all times is its highest priority.

SPSP believes in the importance of developing and maintaining a culture of Health and Safety within the workplace. This will provide our students, staff and visitors with a safe working environment and raises every trainee’s awareness of the importance of health and safety within the workplace. SPSP trainees have the potential to pass this information on to their family and friends, thereby raising the profile and understanding of health and safety within the wider population of Saudi Arabia.

The management at SPSP believes this is achieved through an integrated plan of:

  • delivering a specific Health and Safety course during the academic training program
  • continuing Health and Safety training throughout the technical training program
  • developing good working practices in all areas of SPSP operations and training
  • holding regular safety briefings, seminars and presentations
  • placing high visibility Health and Safety posters throughout the campus
  • insisting on full compliance with Health and Safety regulations at all times and by all trainees and staff
  • providing PPE to all trainees, staff and visitors to SPSP

SPSP has a duty to abide by national health and safety regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to Health and Safety  training to meet local standards, and as a result of its close liaisons with UK and international awarding bodies, SPSP also trains all students to become familiar with UK Health and Safety laws and regulations. This has enormous benefit to our graduating students and the companies they join, as a high number of these companies are multinationals and have Health and Safety management systems set up around either the UK or USA Health and Safety laws.

SPSP provides full time on-site nursing and healthcare services to all its staff and trainees. These facilities have the capability of dealing with First Aid in an emergency situation. The management also, believe that developing a culture of Health and Safety extends to the way in which our staff and students lead their lives and SPSP has employed a full time professional sports coordinator, who gives expert advice on diet and fitness.

SPSP security and safety systems include video surveillance, smoke detectors, fixed and portable firefighting equipment, security staff and an onsite clinic and nurse, all used in order to help provide a round-the-clock safe working environment.

SPSP believes that Health and Safety and maintaining a safe working environment is not just a governmental, company or management requirement, but an aim that everybody should actively strive towards, for the sake of their families, their workmates, and themselves. A safer workplace is a more productive workplace.

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